Why RNS?

Personal Relationship

When working with freelance translator you are directly in contact with the person that will perform the translation. Such direct communication has numerous advantages – besides personal and friendly relationship you also benefit from the fact that you actually know who will perform the translation. This is important because references of freelancer are his own while references of translation agencies are references of all the associated translators. Can you be 100% sure that agency’s expert for your field is not occupied with a different translation from another translation agency and your text will end up in hands of a translator with completely irrelevant experience?

All your commentaries, instructions, wishes and observations regarding the translation are directly addressed at me and there is no way they get lost on the way from Project Manager to translator, as is always the danger when working with translation agencies.


I preserve and ensure the quality of my translations in a very simple manner – I reject all translations that are not from my areas of expertise. I do not possess cockiness of believing I know all topics of the world in two languages and thus am aware of my capabilities. After receiving the file with the text I read the text, look for technical expressions and assess my abilities to produce a quality translation. If the part of the text is beyond my comprehension and I cannot reveal its meaning, I reject the order. Hence, if I accept your translation you can rest assured that translation will be a high quality product.

My experience shows that such attitude is correct and highly appreciated amongst clients. It is confirmed by the fact that to this day every customer has become a regular customer despite occasional rejection of certain projects.


Unlike the majority of freelancers who are fully employed and translate in their free time, I am a full time freelance translator. I dedicate my work time to translation meaning I always have time for you and your translation immediately.

You can expect an answer from me in a couple of minutes after your inquiry, giving you a delivery time and price. My quick response saves you time and enable you to get back to your work. After the confirmation of the order I immediately start translating.


Each customer has its own demands regarding the translation, delivery date or any other aspect of the project. Because I work alone, I can fully adapt to your needs and demands. I am no stranger to sleepless nights due to urgent translations, searching for cross-reference in your previous texts in search for the perfect phrases and other kinds of adaptations that are a part of the translation procedure.

Share with me your wishes and demands, your expectations of me, your idea of our communication, estimated time of translation delivery and any similar texts you wish to be cross-referenced.

Low price

There are many reasons why I can offer high quality service at low prices. I use CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) Tools that recognise repetitions within the text, saving me time and you money.

Hiring me over translation agency is also cheaper because my translation prices are free of costs that have nothing to do with the translation process. My price includes only my labour while the price of the translation agency includes the labour of PM, CEO, CEO’s assistant, cleaning staff and other expenses as well, such as rent, vacations, sick leaves etc.